Kurt Vonnegut goodness

Despite generally being a bit of a dirg, my mate Tom sent me a great link to a letter by Kurt Vonnegut that he wrote on his experiences as a POW, and of the Dresden bombings.  Read it here.

These events formed the basis for Slaughterhouse 5, a novel I absolutely loved.  A review on this sight is inevitable… in the next few years.  Hopefully.

Already evident in this letter is Vonnegut’s strong authorial voice: simple sentences, understated but frank emotion, and poignant use of repetition.


4 Responses to Kurt Vonnegut goodness

  1. Tom says:

    Look at this I’m making contributions to this site without even knowing it.

    By the way if you had your Macquarie Dictionary at hand, you would see that it’s spelt “Derg”.

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