Who the hell are we?

First post for the All-Melbourne, All-International Writing Group. Woot!

All-Melbourne, All-International Writing Club

by Gabriel Ng

Welcome to the blog of the All-Melbourne, All-International Writer’s Club. Like it says in the blurb, we’re a group of writers based in Melbourne, Australia, who meet every couple of weeks to share our writing and get feedback on our work.

We’ve been meeting for a couple of years now. Credit for initial formation of the group should, I think, largely go to Adele. A few of us are refugees from another writing group (which will remain nameless for the reason of me being a coward) we found on  Meetup. Unfortunately, the megalomaniacal tendencies of that group’s convener drove away many of the saner attendees, but Adele, like a master talent scout, kept in touch with people who showed commitment to writing, receptiveness to feedback and a veneer of sanity. Then I ran into her in the street and she made an exception. Since, we’ve…

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